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For this assignment you will produce a resume in Microsoft Word.
This project is NOT about producing a detailed and professional looking resume for me.
So you can fill The Templet with information about someone who has an experience in Biomedical Engineering Major. You created the POSITION SOUGHT, PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE, EDUCATION, TRAINING AND COMPUTER SPECIFICS, ADDITIONAL PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, COMPUTER SPECIFICS. I already filled some of the las part, but you can add more or take off whatever you want.

Let it be one page only.

This project is chiefly about familiarizing us with many aspects of advanced Microsoft Word usage, including, but not limited to:
• Using the ruler and the indent gadgets to align text horizontally
• Using Show/Hide to more completely grasp principles of layout in Word
• Aligning text precisely with tables
• Using Paragraph>Space After to optimize paragraph spacing

You will use a template that I have prepared, filling in someone information in place of the placeholder text that now fills the page. Note that may be there are some minor errors or inconsistencies in this template file you can correct it if you note any.

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