Restorative Justice in the UK

Restorative Justice in the UK

TOPIC: To what extent should England and Wales adopt restorative justice as a mandatory process within its legal system in cases in which an individual is accused of theft?”

– Please use the following Referencing Style: OSCOLA only
– Please remember to number the pages.
– Please use double line spacing for the body of the essay and single line spacing for footnotes and bibliography.
– The essay must be researched, written-up, and typed by you; presented in Times New Roman, font size 12; and with standard margins (2.54cms top and bottom, and 2.54cms left and right).
– Please remember to use footnotes, and to include a bibliography at the end of your essay.
– Please state at the end of the bibliography the number of words used.
– Minimum number of sources: 20

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