Response to New Deal Custom Essay

Topic: Response to New Deal

  Address the following prompt whichever you choose as completely as possible for full credit. Be sure to use course sources as they are required and cite all work in Chicago Style, Double-spaced, Time New Roman, font 12. Failure to do this will result in significant point loss on the final essay.
3. FDR’s response to the Great Depression was called the New Deal. What did this mean and how was it a shift away from traditional American politics. Explain the major programs in detail. Did they end the Depression? Why or why not? How did the New Deal affect women and minorities? What is the legacy of the New Deal today, especially in the current debate about the economic recession? What were some of FDR’s biggest problems with what were known as the first and second New Deals? Then discuss the New Deal in historical context (Populism, Progressivism). Was it really New or a Deal? Be specific. What of the critics of the New Deal right and left? Which do you find having more credibility and why? Or, do you think FDR was correct in his approach? Many on the left thought FDR should be more socialist. The right thought he should be more a corporatist and fascist-like Italy and Germany. But, it was the right that tried to do something about it. What do you make of where several prominent businessmen conspired to overthrow FDR and install a fascist government in the U.S.? With all this focus on the domestic sphere, what was the major foreign policy focus of the US in the ’30s anyway?

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