Response Paper on the novel, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Response Paper on the novel, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Paper details:

To create a response paper about the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. Norton Critical 3rd Edition PLS……

The prompt: are you satisfied with the way Jane Eyre ends? Using textual evidence, explain your position. This paper should be at least 500 words. Use quotes from the book and cite it.

Make a catchy title

I would like to focus on her decision by choosing Mr. Rochester than Mr. St. John

Please use some quotes to back up this decision.


In chap 32 – St. John is looking for a mate who will be able to serve him as a missionary’s wife.

In Chap 34 – For the second time in her life, Jane is proposed to. This time she declines, knowing she cannot allow herself to married to a man she does not love and who does not love her. Notice that while around St. John, Jane feels as if she is being suffocated and is not allowed to be herself. These are the opposite feelings Jane has when she is around Mr. Rochester. Unlike St. John’s love which causes Jane to feel trapped, Mr. Rochester’s love makes her feel free.

35 – This chapter builds on the theme of love with its discussion of the relationship between St. John and Jane. St. John does not love Jane and Jane is aware of this lack of love. While St. John does not understand how a marriage with no love could kill a person. Meanwhile, the mysterious voice that keeps Jane from saying yes to St. John adds to the Gothic feel of the novel. (Explain more)

36 – In this chapter Bronte also explores the theme of love. It is out of Bertha’s deep hatred for her husband that she sets fire to Thornfield. Since the bed in Jane’s old bedroom is also set on fire by Bertha, we know she was also communicating her rage toward Jane for winning the heart of Mr. Rochester. However, as the house burns and Bertha stands on the roof of the house, Mr. Rochester could have just let her die there. Her death would have given him the freedom to marry Jane. Instead, Mr. Rochester attempts to coax Bertha down from the roof and to safety.

Personally I like the ending by choosing the love of her life, Mr. Rochester. I think in life everything is balanced. Jane Eyre became independent, intelligent, smart lady. She is looking for a real family and love that she never had when she was young.

Note the use of biblical phrases in this last chapter, specifically that the final lines of the novel echo the final lines of the book of Revelation in New Testament.

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