Response Journal 3

Response Journal 3

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Response Journal 3: Ethics
Response Journal 3 is on Doyle’s “The Engineer’s Thumb,” found at Discuss an ethical situation found in the story, and refer to the engineering code of ethics Use proper citations to document at least one quote from the story and one quote from the engineering code of ethics. Use Finkelstein’s documentation system or the one used in your major. Failure to document these sources correctly will result in a grade of Unacceptable.

Here is the some description about my essay. Please look at the description, do exactly same thing that what my professor want. When you done an essay don’t forget to to put works cited. Works cited should be from two links which are wrote in the description. Please click the first link and summary the story and look at the other things and discuss one thing, the think, is it unethical or ethical. Write your own opinion.

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