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You will write a “making a claim” argument essay of 500-900 words or more (but no more than 1200), with citations. In this essay you can state your thesis as a premise from which you demonstrate through illustrative examples, the validity of your claim (see suggested topics listed below). Practice using impartial, non-judgmental language.

Your paper will have two parts: (1) an Abstract [or Summary] worth 50 points. Often students write the Abstract after they have written (2) the body of the paper itself in which you logically develop, support and illustrate a Claim you want to make [worth 100 points]. You will need to do some low-impact research for articles or formal essays that support and illustrate your topic [see below]. You use these for your Introductory Abstract.

Your Thesis should be in the form of a claim (That is, a declarative statement, not a question). The reader needs to know exactly what the argument is and why it is important; there can be no confusion. And the topic should be “debatable” not “flammable” (or inflammatory)

In the body of your essay (worth 100 pts.), support your claim with a minimum of three pieces of reliable and valid evidence. You may use more than three pieces of evidence, but three is the minimum. Using sufficient paragraph development, discuss the evidence. Wikipedia is NOT considered a reliable or valid source—so don’t use it as a reliable source. If you want to know why, see: HYPERLINK “” Why Not To Use Wikipedia As a Reliable Source For Research.

Preface your essay with a brief Summary/Abstract of the topic you have chosen (Abstract worth 50 pts.). You often see this in professional writing. You may need to do some research for this essay—just to make sure there is reliable evidence to support your claim.

Use in-text citations when you quote anything. Put citation attributions at the bottom of your paper or on a separate page. Use the citation style prominent in your discipline [most likely APA or MLA format].

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