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For this assignment, read the following articles: FARRELL – ‘Effects of Organizational Factors On Use of Juvenile Practices’ GIBLIN – ‘Using Police Officers to Enhance the Supervision of Juvenile Probationers: An Evaluation of the Anchorage CAN Program’ NORRIS – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit: Evaluating a Midwestern Teen Court’ Identify the type of method/research design used by the researchers in each paper (being sure to follow the learning materials with respect to terminology, organization, style, and formatting). • In your document, describe the method used in each study, noting that the study may involve more than one method. • Be specific (i.e., if a survey, whether online, face-to-face, mail, etc.; if experimental, what type—Quasi, Before-After, etc.; if Qualitative, whether observational, unobtrusive content analysis, etc. Note if original research or secondary data analysis.) • Be concise; about five sentences for each study should be sufficient. (Answer in complete sentences.)

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