Research Proposal

Research Proposal

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This paper is actually going to be a research proposal regarding the Selective Exposure Theory.

The goal is to find out how big of a factor “Confirmation Bias” is when voters are aligned with the republican or democratic parties in the United States. My specific research questions are “How often do voters listen to ideas of opposing campaigns?”, “If a voter does in fact refrain from taking interest from the opposing candidates campaigns, why is this so?” and “Do voters would ever consider voting for the opposing party’s candidate’s if they agreed with their message?” Specifically when a voter see’s a TV ad or watches a debate.

So the goal of the paper is to pitch it for research. No research will actually be conducted but I need the paper to be appealing to people as to why this important and how it is connected with the selective exposure theory.

The research proposal should have the following elements:

Research Questions: Clearly list the objectives of your study in the form of broad research question/s. Ask a how or why questions that provides the opportunity to find in-depth answers.

Theoretical framework/Model used: This is a very important part of your paper. Clearly examine a theory that is most pertinent to your topic found in McQuail and Windahl’s book. Explain the theory. How did it evolve? What are the applications of this theory? Why is this appropriate to research your topic? You may refer to other sources to find more information on the theory.

Literature Review: What has been done thus far on the topic you have chosen? Examine 20 research articles (theoretical and empirical) that have been done on the topic using the theory you selected and have been published in refereed journals. Cite each source using the APA style. Overall, what does the research indicate? The literature review section should be the vast majority of the paper

Justification: Explain what is lacking in all the studies that you examined. Why do you need to do the study that you are proposing to carry out? Justify the need.

Specific Research Questions: List your specific research question/s.

Methodology: Explain what research method you will use to collect data. Why is this appropriate for your topic?

Significance: Will your research have social impact? Will it add to knowledge to the field? Explain why your research is important.

Other Instructions:
• The paper should not be written in first person.
• All information should be attributed to sources using the APA style.
• The only part of the paper where you may express your own opinions and thoughts and insights is the section where you explain what is lacking in the research carried out thus far and what more needs to be done.

Style: You are required to follow the APA style for citations, referencing, etc.

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