Purpose:    This assignment involves a project which will provide “hands-on” experience in the use of compensation techniques in GE Oil & Gas).
1. Demonstrate an understanding of, and be able to explain and critically evaluate the key principles of an integrated model of remuneration, rewards and recognition.
2. Demonstrate an understanding of and assess the interrelationships of a remuneration system in terms of their contribution to strategic goals and culture;
3. Evaluate debates in the area of remuneration, rewards and recognition;
4. Identify and discuss some of the difficulties in developing and implementing remuneration, reward and recognition practices.
5. Explore the issues of equity and fairness in designing reward systems
Assessment criteria:
•    Identify an area of remuneration and rewards in GE Oil & Gas.
•    Select an organisation of your choice on which you will investigate the real application of that topic (GE Oil & Gas)
Important:  I Have a contact in Mexico She is Vania L. Vieyra. She is Human Resources Manager Mexico in GE Oil & Gas. We need to do an interview
Please contact me if you have any question about this point.
•    Determine how this organization manages this area of remuneration and rewards
•    Conduct an in-person or telephone discussion with an HR professional in the organisation

•    Length and/or format:    2500 words
•    Minimum of 8 relevant, current academic journal articles to support analysis and recommendations.
•    In addition, you may reference:
•    business magazines  (e.g., Business Review Weekly, Financial Review)
•    organisation’s annual reports, sustainability, CSR, OHS or other relevant reports.
•    Any newspapers, other press articles, & other independent reports you used to build a company profile

Dear writer We have to integrate a questionary of the organisation
•    Before the meeting:
–    Research the organisation:
–    Research the organisation’s annual report & other reports (eg sustainability, CSR, OHS or other relevant reports).
–    Prepare questions for the organisation. Draw on the organisation’s annual report as well as other reports (eg sustainability, CSR, OHS or other relevant reports).
–    Newspapers, other press articles, & other independent reports can be used to build a company profile
•    In the meeting take good notes
•    After the meeting:
•    Analyse the discussion results
•    Compare the organisation’s practices with theory in the literature
•    Support your analysis and conclusions with relevant academic literature
•    Recommend remuneration and rewards practices the organisation can adopt to address this aspect of remuneration and rewards

Report Format;
–    Title page
–    Executive summary
–    Table of contents
–    Introduction
–    Body
–    Conclusions
–    Recommendations
–    Reference list
–    Glossary (if required)

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