Research Paper: Game Theory

My topic proposal is how game theory is better utilizing the Nash equilibrium theory for marketing experiments by using cognitive psychology. I attached it. Here are my directions.

II. Final Paper:
Using your annotated bibliography as a guide, start writing your paper. Your paper should include several sections (please use headings and subheadings for an organized paper):
1. An introduction: introduces the communication topic you selected (e.g., social media as the new public sphere) and the significance of studying it, providing an overview of the paper at the end. In the introduction, you orient the reader(s) to your topic generally, define terms, survey some general studies on the issue, and provide an overview of the topics to be discussed in your paper at the end of the introduction. Usually, the introduction is the last part to be written although it appears at the beginning of a paper. Also, you need a title of your paper that reflects its main theme, which can’t be “Final Paper”.
2. Literature Review: This is the bulk of your paper, where you go over the major findings of your research. You go over studies that either studied the topic of your selection (or related topics) and studies that either used or researched a theory connected to your topic. Example, if your topic is “Social Media as the New/Global Public Sphere”, your theoretical perspective could be based on Habermas’ concept of the “public sphere.” If your topic is “The Gap between People’s Opinion on the Third Iraqi War and Media’s Portrayals of That War,” then you might use Neumann’s “spiral of silence” theory.
3. Discussion: In this section, you provide your analysis and synthesis of your literature findings. How do you read what other scholars concluded? What is missing from the discussion? What are some of the strengths or limitations of these studies?
4. Recommendations: What are your recommendations for future research?
5. Conclusion: Any final thoughts or remarks on the topic, studies, research methods, directions for future studies, etc. In the process, provide a brief review of your paper.
6. References (bibliography): A list (no annotations) of all the references you used in the body of your paper. You should use a minimum of 25 scholarly references and an unlimited number of other references like newspaper and magazine articles, non-scholarly books, etc.


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