research paper: immersive learning experience custom essay

Research Paper
The research paper will focus on a particular aspect, problem or theory associated with games and learning. It may include a
review or comparison of immersive learning experience(s) and will develop an argument using 510
sources. At least two and no more than five of these sources will be course readings. Research papers will be 810
pages in length
(exclusive of charts, graphics or appendices). Research papers will be evaluated according to the following criteria: quality and
development of thesis and argument; structure and organization; analysis and use of sources; and mechanics (grammar, spelling,
reference formatting, etc.).
In class, we took notes about the how to write a thesis:
Research paperAssignment
Incorporate a review or caparison of an immersive learning experience?
on different theories or complementary learning
stated thesis and topic
an effective essay
to 10 peer review scholarly sources, at least 2 will be course readings
Were to get started from: Topic and thesis
Topic: game effectively supports learning. If it does than how does it do that, why and what kind of learning.
Why doesn’t it support it effectively, review theories in class, how can it be improved
else has been written about the game that might be relevant?
Example professor provided which are in lecture slides, I am going to upload
Topic: mobile games and learning
Thesis: mobile games provide excellent opportunities fro immersive learning
This is an example of a too broad thesis and topic. It is not focused enough, to relate one another.
Example of a well define topic and thesis
does clash of clans support immersive learning?
not considered an immersive learning game, however the game has excellent potential to support learning.
No limited to spatial games, looking at perspective of learning. Learned in class.
Another approach to get started
Theories encountered in readings….demonstrate if the theory is useful, every theory has its limitations. is this theory superior to
other related theories.
Example to approach: Poorly defined topic and thesis
Topic: narrative theory and immersive learning
Thesis: narrative important concept for immersive learning.
Well defied topic and thesis
topic: narrative structures best support immersive learning
thesis; immersive learning games with narrative structures are best supported by the use of specific techniques
1/16/2016 Order 225003223 2/2
Must develop an argument in support of a clear thesis
has to be a game where the player is learning something, in an immersive environment



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