Research investigation

Research investigation

A research investigation into media text(s) based on the key media concept (representation ) the maximum words are 1925, you have to creat a hypothesis which is a question that you answer at the end of the investigation (Then you name a music video, artist and year) and (name another music video , artist and year)
That will be in a bold title the question of the research investigation the the names of the artists and the music videos
Also need 5 pieces of research –
2 for the Internet (important that you have the www reference )
2 from book (must include the author, title of the book, publisher and place ).
1 newspaper/ magazine
The bibliography has to be include with the essay
And you can not use slidshare or wiki.

The introduction have to have (10% of the essay)
?explain how you interpret the title
?what issues/topics are you going to explore?
?what will be your focus?
?what will your essay show?

Main body (80% of the essay)
Use a chain of paragraphs to EXPLORE AND DEVELOP your ideas/argument.

You will probably have 4 or 5 main topics. Each topic will need 3 or 4 paragraphs in which you will need 3 or 4 paragraphs in which you will introduce the topic, and present examples and evidence to show why it is important and how it links to the essay title.

In each paragraph the readers is asking you to explain:
?what is this paragraph about?
?what is you argument on this?
?what is your evidence ? What does it means ?
?how does it link to the essay title?
?how does it link to the topic in the next pargraph?

The final thing the conclusion (10%of the essay )
?do not introduce any NEW material here. Except to consider the future of your key idea if you have evidence to support this.
?summaries you ideas/argument (you might also have done this in your inrductiin )
?restate what you consider to be the main points.
? make it clear why those conclusions are important or significant.
?in your last sentence: link your conclusion or recommendations back to the title.

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