research into african gods custom essay

The project is to research and document as accurately as possible the stories and deeds of African deities.

It has to be a comprehensive research and must include only original drafts (no plagiarism). The project will consist of several milestones which build up into the complete work as follows

1. Maps of Africa (Pre-colonial, with tribes and Kingdoms)
– Timelines as close as possible to the era of gods and other tribal conflicts

2. List of Gods by location (Tribes and Kingdoms)
– To be overlayed on the map from (1)

3. Stories about the Gods and their deeds
– Timelines
– Descriptions
– Narratives
– Images
– Academic: facts, figures and disputes/opposing views

Milestone 1 and 2 will be one off.
Milestone 3 will be set per deity (standard rate per)

You should have your own access to research databases and not expect to rely on Wikipedia or other non-academic sources.

All documents referenced must be provided in full (zipped files)

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