Research Article

GUIDELINES FOR RESEARCH JOURNAL Information related to women’s health is found in many sources.  This assignment is focused on evaluating information based upon primary research.  Primary research is conducted by the author and then published in a research journal that is peer reviewed.  Each research journal assignment will be due on the date indicated on the course syllabus/calendar. The topic is listed for each date on the course syllabus. There are 4 assigned research journals.  The primary research article must be written within the past year. Attach a copy of the primary research article to the drop box with the assignment. After reading the primary research article, each student will respond to the article in a written journal format covering the following information: 1. Summarize and evaluate the information presented in the article. 2. Evaluate the research methodology and its impact on women’s health. 3. Describe the impact of the results of the research on women’s health in general and on the student’s own health. 4. Discuss cultural influences that impact on the research methodology and the outcomes.


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