Community Connection
1.    What is the mission/vision of the community partner?
2.    What how does the mission/vision of the community partner correlate to the practice of community health nursing?
3.    Review the Healthy People 2020 goals.
a.    Select at least one of the goals listed and explain how this community partner’s efforts support it.
Course Connection
4.    Describe your participation within the event.
a.    Discuss your role.
b.    Did you “practice” community health? Be specific.
5.    List three course objectives that were addressed during your engagement and provide a specific example demonstrating that the goal was met.
Thinking It Through
6.    Reflect on the population that you served during the event to complete the plan of care below:
a.    Provide a brief description of the target population
i.    Age, gender, ethnicity
ii.    Is the target population considered “high risk?”
1.    If so, explain why?
b.    Identify two main nursing problems that you addressed during your participation.
c.    Develop a plan of care for each of the two problems.
i.    Assessment/ Nursing Diagnosis/ Goal Statement/ Interventions/ Evaluation

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