Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

You should write a report of 3,000 words (maximum) which provides a critical analysis of the corporate communications function of a (for-profit) organisation of your choice, drawing on appropriate communications theory. IT SHOULD NOT BE THE SAME ORGANISATION AS YOUR PRESENTATION. Please make sure that all sources are referenced.

The report should consist of four parts:

(a) a one-page executive summary of the findings: this is included in the word count;

(b) a brief overview of the organisation and its communications functions, drawing attention to the major features that you will develop later;

(c) an analysis and evaluation of the communications of your chosen organisation, drawing on communications and/or marketing theory where appropriate;

(d) recommendations on how the organisation could improve its communications in the light of your research.


While it is for you to decide upon the content and structure of the report, you might feel it appropriate to include aspects such as:

-A brief overview of the organisation: its mission statement, goals, strategic objectives, etc.

-a communications audit or SWOT analysis of communications

-consistency of messages – or brand – conveyed across different media and extent to which communications are integrated

-communication and appropriateness of any sponsorship (if appropriate)

-communication of Corporate Social Responsibility programmes (if appropriate)

-barriers to successful communication and use of language; evidence of intercultural sensitivities (if appropriate)

-an evaluation of publications used for internal communications, marketing/PR (advertisements, leaflets, web site, social media, etc.)

-an analysis of crisis communications (plan or case study) if appropriate

-recommendations for improvement (including costings) and/or Communications Plan

Please note that these are only suggestions. A good report does not necessarily need to cover all these aspects. You will not be able to cover all aspects of corporate communications in depth. You need to decide which areas to focus on and explain why you have chosen them to be most relevant to your chosen organisation. You must include both internal and external communications, though you can choose to comment more in depth on one aspect as long as you explain why.


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