MNG93002 Strategy and Case Analysis Assignment 1

You have been asked to prepare a 2,500 word report on Porter’s Five Forces Framework. With the aid of clearly drawn diagram explain the key elements of Porter’s Five Forces Framework. What are the principal benefits and challenges in using this framework to inform strategy?
Your report must be structured as follows:
? Purpose (2 marks)
? Background (3 marks)
? Porter’s Five Forces Framework
o Diagram (2 marks)
o Components (10 marks)
o Advantages and challenges (8 marks)
? Discussion (5 marks)
? Conclusion (5 marks).
Five (5) additional marks will be allocated to English expression and grammar.
Tips for preparing your report:
? Define your terms;
? Clearly explain the concepts (better explanations will include concrete examples);
? Make use of multiple references (minimum of five);
? Keep to the word limit; and
? Ensure your assignment is well-presented and free from grammatical and typographical
errors and appropriately referenced.

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