Related social Media Campaign for a rebranding product and a media visual plan with a visual timeline to show how to integrate the two ads

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The rebranding product is called ” Youth- Yogurt shampoo”
The slogan is about ” yo-gurt to love your hair.” It is made of Yogurt, which is a nature product. And special for dry and damaged hair, repair and protect and Moisture and Nourish. A tv ads was created and its about a girl made her hair become dirty and tried the yogurt shampoo, it finally comes out a surprisingly smooth.

A related Social Media Campaign is needed for this product. describe the idea and use theory to justify the idea (e.g. objectives, creative strategy, execution styles, appeals, etc.) (400 words)
The social media campaign should be linked to the tv ad and function as an integrated part of your Integrated Marketing communication idea. You dont need to develop the idea in the same way as the tv ad but you need to be able to explain it and emphasise its value and proposition.

Media Plan (100 words) plus visual plan include a visual timeline that shows how you would integrate the two ads and run over a period of 6 months.

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