REL 160 – World Religion/Understanding World Religions by Irvine Hexham

REL 160 – World Religion/Understanding World Religions by Irvine Hexham

Essays should be stapled neat and professional.
Ensure your essay is 1200-1500words (4-6 pages), typed, double-spaced, 12 –point font Times New Roman, 1” margins, pages numbered. Ensure that you proofread for grammar/spelling errors.
When citing your textbook, do so per MLA Style for quotes and paraphrases. Do not cite Wikipedia; only use your textbook, do not use outside sources.

Essay #1
Quote and explain three passages (three to six sentences per passage) from one of the following chapters in Understanding World Religions, 1) Introduction and A Biased Canon, 2) African Traditions, 3) The Yogic Traditions. Comparing and contrasting the concept in at least one passage with your own worldview perspective (based on your values and experience) in conjunction with thoughtful analysis.
Ensure that you “show” your worldview with specific values/ideas and stories/examples from your own experience (don’t just “tell” or assert a list of your thoughts). Your worldview encompasses what you think/believe and how that is lived out in your own life.
Possible subjects – karma, gods, goddess, purity, rebirth, scriptures, castes, life stages, sacrifices, view of reality, rituals, etc. Read ahead and draw from what is most interesting to you.

Suggested Structure
1. Introductory paragraph – Opening that leads reader into your essay. End with a one sentence preview of your three main areas (example – In this essay, I will present and thoughtfully analyze the Hindu views of God, karma and pilgrimage. And, I will compare and contrast the Hindu view of karma with my own belief that there is no mechanism other than personal experience of consequences to regulate moral behavior.
2. Paragraph providing a passage from Muesse. Introduce the passage with sentence. Then, quote per MLA format. After the quote provide comment drawing out or reinforcing a key point.
3. Paragraph explaining and analyzing the concept/practice in the passage.
4. For one of the three passages – one or two paragraphs comparing and contrasting a Hindu concept/practice with your values and a story from your experience illustrating your values.
5. Repeat 2 – 3.
6. Repeat 2 – 3.
7. Concluding paragraph – don’t quote anything here or add new information, but tie up your essay. Ask yourself – so what? Then, answer that question. What did you learn from your essay? Why did writing this paper matter?

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