reflective writing

reflective writing

This second piece of reflective writing requires you to consider an article on climate change and comment on the role of health sector. See the below for full details. This work is worth 13% and is due on Friday week 11.
Global Public Health Assessment Reflective Journal 1b Question due week 11 (13%)
In a recent article by McMichael (2013) discussing the impact of climate change said:
“The mitigation of climate change is a crucial first-order task for the world. However, while governments continue to wrestle with this unprecedented, complex political and ethical task, the more immediate challenge for the health sector is to identify the main regional health threats posed by climate change and ensure the development of risk-lessening adaptations.” (page 1340).
McMichael, A. J. (2013). “Globalization, Climate Change, and Human Health.” New England Journal of Medicine 36(14): 1335-1343. DOI 10.1056/NEJMra1109341.
With reference to this article and other work on climate change reflect on this statement and the role of the health sector in developing risk-lessening adaptations.
•    This is a reflective piece of work where you present your own views and reflections that have been informed by lecture and tutorial content and your reading of related literature.
•    Minimal length 500 words (excluding references).
•    Evidence of broader reading and references are required.
•    You can write in first person.
•    See notes on tutorial, week 2 for direction on how to write reflectively.
•    Submit via Blackboard with appropriate cover pages.

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