Reflective Learning Journal 1

Reflective Learning Journal 1


Instructions to student

1.    All Learning Journalsshould be submitted to your subject/course page on Moodle by 6th November 2015.
2.    It is your responsibility to ensure your file is uploaded correctly.
3.    Students are required to retain a copy of each assignment.
4.    When an assignment is submitted, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the file is in the correct format and opens correctly.
5.    Where the assignment is word processed it should be typed in MS Word, double-spaced, in Times New Roman, portrait page, size 12.
6.    Assignments that exceed the word count will be penalised.
7.    If the assignment is in another format please adhere to instructions from your lecturer.
8.    Students should refer to the assessment regulations in their Course Guide.
9.    DBSpenalises students who engage in academic impropriety (i.e. plagiarism, collusion and / or copying). Please refer to the referencing guidelines on Moodle for information on correct referencing.
10.    All relevant provisions of the Assessment Regulations must be complied with.
Penalties for late submission on assignments are as follows:
25% penalty for assignments submitted within5 working days of the deadline.
No marks for assignments submitted more than 5 working days after the deadline.
11.    Extensions to assignment submission deadlines will be granted in exceptional circumstances only. The appropriate “Application for Extension” form must be used and supporting documentation (e.g. medical certificate) must be attached. Applications for extensions should be made directly to the Head of Year or ProgrammeLeaderin advance of the deadline date.
Note. When you submit your assignment you will be asked to click on a button which will declare the following:
By Submitting this assignment I confirm that I am aware of  DBS policy regarding cheating, plagiarism and all other forms of academic impropriety.  The coursework submitted is my own or my group’s work, and all other sources consulted have been appropriately acknowledged.   I am aware that in the case of doubt an investigation will be held.
12.    Include an electronic cover sheet with the following details on the next page.

Electronic Assignment Cover sheet
Please fill out and attach as the first page of Assignment.
Student (s) Number as per your student card:
Course Title:
Lecturer Name:
Module/Subject Title:
Assignment Title:
No of Words:

Note technical support is available to student between 0930- 1700 hrs only.  There is no technical support after 1700 hrs. It is your responsibility to ensure that you allow time to troubleshoot any technical difficulties by uploading early on the due date.


A Learning Log contains your record of your experiences, thoughts, feelings and reflections.  One of the most important things it contains is your conclusions about how what you have learnt is relevant to you and how you will use the new information/knowledge/skill/technique in the future.

Getting Started
Gibbs (1988) outlined stages in reflection and reflective writing which will help you with the process.  Remember reflection and reflective writing is like any other skill, it will take time and practice to master it and you will only benefit from it if you approach it seriously.

Guidelines for reflection
Description:    What is the stimulus for reflection? (incident, event, theoretical idea) What are you going to reflect on?  Describe what happened and set the scene
Feelings:    What were your reactions and feelings?  What did you think and feel?
What was good and bad about the experience? Make value judgements.
What sense can you make of the situation?  Bring in ideas from outside the experience to help you.  What was really going on?
Conclusions (general):    What can be concluded, in a general sense, from these experiences and the analyses you have undertaken?
Conclusions (specific):    What can be concluded about your own specific, unique, personal situation or ways of working?
Personal Action plans:    What are you going to do differently in this type of situation next time? What steps are you going to take on the basis of what you have learnt?

Assignment Description:

For this assignment you can describe one or more learning experiences on your third level programme so far. You may decide to focus on one module or several modules or a particular event. Try to consider the problems and frustrations you have experienced in addition to identifying accomplishments.

You must also include a screenshot of the information literacy quiz mark in your journal as this will form part of the overall grade awarded.

Assessment Criteria – Reflective Learning Journals

Heading    Required
Content and structure

70%     Awareness and understanding of the purpose of the journal
Evidence of reflective practice
A statement of observations – comment on personal behaviour;
reaction / feelings; and context.
Logical organisation and presentation of the paper


10%    Currency and relevance of sources

Language and style

20%    Appropriate vocabulary, formal academic tone
Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, formatting
Fluent sentences, clear transitions, and effective paragraph structure

Total 100%

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