Reflective journal

The Task
Self-reflection and reflection is an important element for improving professional practice and
it also forms a significant part in the journey in becoming a culturally competent person.
According to Wade and others, “Reflective thinking has a variety of meanings….common
elements include understanding a dilemma or problem from multiple perspectives and
questioning taken for granted assumptions, routines, rationalisations, and explanations (Wade
et al., 2008, p.402). It’s about thinking about what people have said, what you have read
and/or heard from your peers, what you are thinking and, how your thinking has changed.
Essentially, this is what this assignment is all about: an opportunity to learn how to critically
think and reflect on a range of Indigenous Australian issues that are covered in the unit. It is
not a summary of the topic, or a recount of the information.
You are expected to make journal entries based on the lectures for a seven week period
starting from week 2 through to week 8. From your journal entries, respond to these
following themes:
1. What lecture/tutorial topic/guest lecture most added to your knowledge of cultural
2. Critically evaluate a current issue that has been raised in the media/unit and/or
personal source, from a culturally competent perspective.
3. How a policy influenced practice(s), e.g., General well-being of Indigenous society,
Closing the Gap, (improved) health practices.
Responding to these three themes you will need to:
Demonstrate critical thinking
Provide evidence supporting your perspectives or provide evidence that supports your
Refer to contemporary issues that have been expressed publically (government
reports, policy, media, or health policies/practices).
Provide a reference list.
From your 8 journal entries, choose four (4) and using essay style format write approximately
400 words per entry. It is the quality of your entries not the quantity that is important. We do
not want to stifle your capacity to write and reflect so feel free to write as much as you would
like but ensure that the 4 entries that are submitted for adhere to the word limit.
How you will be assessed
For Assignment 2, the ‘Assignment Grade Descriptors’ will be used to mark and grade the
assignment (see below).
Reflective Journal Marking Guide
Name:___________________ Assignment grades will be awarded according to the
following criteria:
Grade Descriptors
High Distinction Criteria met at this level:
Penetrating understanding demonstrated.
Very well substantiated arguments or explanations provided
with at least 6 references.
Alternative viewpoints considered with conclusions that are
very well argued and substantiated.
Substantial evidence of original and critical thinking.
Excellent standard of presentation and, where appropriate,
compliance to academic writing conventions
Distinction Criteria met at this level:
Thorough understanding demonstrated through arguments or
explanations substantiated from relevant literature and/or
Capacity to critique own and other’s ideas demonstrated.
Original ideas clearly expressed and supported with 4 to 5
references to appropriate literature and/or experience.
Demonstrated capacity to examine and explain issues from a
number of viewpoints.
Very good standard of presentation and, where appropriate,
compliance to academic writing conventions.
Credit Criteria met at this level:
Understanding demonstrated with reference to course material
and to additional appropriate literature and/or experience.
Arguments supported with evidence from the literature and
experience. Three to four references listed.
Some indication to other points of view
Good standard of presentation and, where appropriate,
compliance to academic writing conventions
Pass Criteria met at this level:
Understanding of content demonstrated with reference to course
Own opinions explained.
Less than three references.
Appropriate standard of presentation and, where appropriate,
compliance to academic writing conventions

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