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reflected best self exercise

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You are required to submit a digital copy of your assignment to (via the Assignments Dropbox on the OWL course website) and to me via e-mail. PLEASE SUBMIT WORD DOCUMENTS ONLY! Your
paper should be no more than 10 double-spaced pages (not including title page, references and appendices).

Paper Format: Your paper should be typed, double-spaced with 1″ margins. You should use 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Please ensure that your paper adheres to the following format.

A. Introduction: Introduce the reader to your paper and the exercise; include a road map of the paper. ( ~ ½ page)

B. Method: Explain everything you did and how you did it (e.g., who were your stories writers, how did you obtain stories, how did you analyze stories, etc). (~ 1-2 pages)

C. Results: Include your written best-self portrait. Outline all patterns and themes and provide relevant examples from stories. (~ 1-2 pages)

D. Discussion: Discuss your best-self as it applies to your future/and or current career and work. Discuss the utility of the reflected best-self exercise as an effective HRM tool. Outline in which
areas of HRM this tool could be used and how it can be used. (~4-5 pages)

E. Conclusion: Succinctly conclude your paper. (~ ½ page)

F. References: It is strongly encouraged that you use references to support any applications you make about your best-self as it applies to your career and how this exercise can be used as an HRM
tool. Be sure to cite any information you use from these references using the American Psychological Association style guide:

G. Appendices: All stories must be included here. Include any other materials that help you with this assignment.

1. Please refer to the course syllabus, your course package and week three slides for further information about this exercise and paper.
2. It is strongly recommended that you consult an academic psychological journal (e.g., The Journal of Applied Psychology) to get an idea of how academic research is written. Effectively, you are
conducting psychological research (i.e., you are collecting and analyzing data about yourself and drawing conclusions based on your findings), and therefore, you are expected to structure your
research in an academic format. Reviewing a psychological journal article will help you determine how to structure your paper appropriately.
3. Completing Phase 2 is not a part of this assignment. You are not required to include any materials related to Phase 2.

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