real industry project

real industry project

The retail landscape is changing. A brand should consistently surprise and delight new and existing customers. With the emergence of global retail brands at all levels and frequency of international travel, consumers are becoming more sophisticated with higher expectations no matter of their location.
Brands with a British heritage and unique USP need to convey their hallmark of quality, and their ‘Britishness,’ in new ways which engage their customers and do not rely on overused icons of the past.
Task: Produce a fully developed marketing concept which can act as a platform for launching a pop up shop to be installed in The Orangery Gallery, Holland Park for Vera Wang at Browns Brides.
Design a mobile pop-up store to be installed in The Orangery Gallery at Holland Park, that will later travel to international locations.  The ideas will be displayed at Retail Design Expo, at London Olympia in March 2016.  There are two other colleges taking part; The London College of Fashion and Chelsea College of Art.
The concept should be a visual showcase enshrining the brand values to introduce the range to new and existing markets and to build awareness and excitement with customers.
It should be interactive and full of customer touch points.
The concept should leverage the heritage and story of the brand and Browns.
Product focus should be Browns Brides and Vera Wang at Browns stores.
The concept should include a window, whether internal or external, and include a cash desk/service point for purchase and pre-orders.
Your proposals need to be underpinned by theory and both secondary and primary research which must be explained and justified. They have to be compiled in a report which must contain visual proposals too.
There is an individual prize of a period of paid work experience at Browns Brides which will be awarded to the one individual by Joanna Galanis who is the VM & Display Director for Browns and DR Valerie Trower (project organiser) Visual Merchandising Content Director, Legend.
Grading Criteria – Please read the learning outcomes in the handbook.  In this assessment you will be expected to:
•    Demonstrate a broad knowledge of contemporary fashion markets and how businesses promote themselves.
•    Show you have sound knowledge of contemporary fashion and are ahead of the trends.
•    Demonstrate you can apply creative thinking to fashion marketing projects and are visionary with your work.
•    Show evidence that you can confidently generate and develop concepts, proposals and solutions.
•    Identify and define your area of study and apply your knowledge whilst responding to the critique of others.
•    Demonstrate theory, methodology and tools of fashion marketing.
•    Communicate with authority, in visual, oral and written forms to an audience.

Word length: 1,500 words visual report (700 to be submitted with boards to enter competition) + appendices. 2 x A2 portrait format boards.
INDIVIDUAL submission: 40% of module
Issue date:    14th September 2015    Submission date:  2nd November 2015

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