Reading Response Paper

Reading Response Paper

Assignment description: write a 5-6-page response to two course readings. A good reading response paper does more than simply summarize the readings. It develops your own position on the material.(one or two paragraphs on each reading. your own position is more important!)
Assignment Instructions
1. Select two course readings that explore a common theme or subject and develop an argument about their treatment of the topic.
2. Succinctly summarize the main arguments of your chosen readings. Ask yourself: what is the purpose of the article? What is the author’s main argument(s)? Do you agree with the author’s position on the topic? Do you find the authors method of argumentation convincing? (not too much words on summary, more focus on your own arguments)
3. Develop your argument and support it with evidence from the texts.
4. Identify any weaknesses in your chosen articles and explain how you would revise the article to address them.
5. Include a works cited at the end of your response paper that identifies any sources you have used for your assignment.
Format and Style Instructions
1. Assignment should be double-spaced and typed in 12 pt. Times New Roman font with 1” margins.
2. Include your name, the course number, my name, and the due date on the first page of the assignment.
3. Give your response paper a title and include it on the first page. Your title should be concise and descriptive.
4. Number all pages.
5. Staple the pages of your assignment together. No folders or paperclips please!
6. Sources used for the assignment must be cited in a separate bibliography at the
end of the assignment. Sources should be cited according to the MLA style guide.
7. Proofread your assignment before submitting it to catch any spelling or grammar

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