Racism in sport

Racism in sport
this paper is for sports management (contemporary issues in sport)

Building on your presentation, you are required to write a 1,500 report on your chosen contemporary issue. The paper should introduce the issues and provide accurate definitions, as well as providing a range of examples to support your case. You should include an insight in to what the sport is doing to help rectify the issue and how they plan to move forward in a positive way (what has gone before and what is scheduled ahead). You should demonstrate your ability to critically analyse (see first week lecture and additional material) why your chosen topic is an example of a contemporary issue in sport and provide a balanced argument as to what the sport has done to ensure the issue is treated appropriately and should be well referenced using peer review journal articles.

• Introduction:
o Definitions of key terms
o Why it’s a contemporary issue
o Short background to the problem
o Introduction to social theory use to inform your critical analysis

• Critical theory;
o When you introduce your social theory you need to address:
• How to fit your topic
• What are its shortcomings
• How has this theory helped to drive a call for change/ or has it?
• Does it evoke change

• Interventions:
o 3 interventions
o if there are no interventions it is hard to be critical of the topic
o you should state what the intervention is, what it aimed to do and did it succeed, if so how, if not why. This analysis will also give you ideas for the steps forward

• Steps forward/conclusion:
o From your analysis of the interventions you should have identified areas which did not work/ did not have the desired impact.
o These will inform the steps forward and your conclusion
o Needs to see I can pull out where the intervention failed and use that to propose an alternative approach- all based on research not opinion— use a bit of your opinion but support it with research

• Top tips:
o Provide analysis not description
o You must have interventions and a link to the social theory to access the higher marks
o Use subheadings (introduction, interventions to address the issue, steps forward etc..)
o Make sure you have peer review journal articles to support your argument/ statements. Some official websites are ok but articles are best source of information.

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