Racial Stereotyping and Prejudice

apa, double spaced 12 font, New times roman. double space after each sentence, 1 inch margins. Running head words on title page. Title page, abstract, discussion section This is a research proposal- not a research paper! This research proposal includes a proposed methods, predicted results. Factorial design. refine hypothesis, what analysis would fit the hypothesis and predict the data. 2×2 anova? discuss implications of results and potential limitations, also future directions. Please include a litature review section. Citations. 10 peer review references. There should be 2 spaces after each sentences. Please adhere to strict apa format. spelling and grammar is important and Please No plagiarism, as my school uses plagiarism software. Please let me know if there are any questions. My professor is a researcher so he can spot something that is not right, so please do a great job. The last company did a horrible job . I look forward to doing business with you . Again, this is a research proposal paper in the social sciences.

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