After reading the attached article on the long-term political legacies of colonialism, answer the following eight questions:
1)    Identify the independent and dependent variables.                           (1 point)

2)    On p. 908, the author lists five factors that influenced the value taken by the independent variable in a particular country. How do you think each of these factors influences, if at all, the relationship between the independent and dependent variables?            (1.5 points)

3)    What are the criteria for a country’s inclusion in the author’s sample? How many countries fulfil these criteria to enter the sample?                           (1 point)

4)    How does the author measure the independent and dependent variables?              (1 point)

5)    The author includes five control variables in his regression models. List them and explain why they are needed.                                          (1.5 points)

6)    Table 1 lists the results of four regression models. Focus on the aggregate score for the dependent variable.
(a)    Is the relationship between the independent and dependent variables statistically significant? How do you know this?
(b)    How do the four models differ? Does significance change across these models?
(c)    Observe the variation in the adjusted R-squared for the four models. Explain why this variation might exist.
(d)    How would you interpret the intercept in these models?                     (2


7)    For the dependent variables analyzed in Tables 2 and 3, the regression coefficient for the independent variable tends to lose statistical significance in Model 4. At the same time, the control variables in some models are statistically significant. In the context of this article, how do we interpret these counterintuitive results?                        (1 point)

8)    From the tables and the author’s analysis of them, highlight and explain the principal findings in the article.    Do you find them persuasive? Why or why not?               (1 point)

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