Questionnaire development, include replicable scale


Questionnaire development, include replicable scale

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

  • Design a questionnaire, to address the following management problem.

(The airline industry is currently facing many challenges, one of which is the level of competition between the Full Service Carriers (FSCs) and the Low Cost Carriers (LCCs). The rapid growth of LCCs is adding to that competitive environment, especially with an increase in demand for low cost travel. The Department of Infrastructure and Transport decided to commission research to get a better understanding of the factors such as brand image, experience quality, satisfaction that influence future behaviour intention of FSCs and LCCs customers).

What to be completed in this assignment:

Please follow the followings points to addressed the assessment task

  • A quantitative method research will be applied using a questionnaire survey with FSC and LCC customers.
  • Design a survey questionnaire with a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 20 questions for both FSC and LCC to gather data to address the management problem.
  • Use a mix of open and closed question formats. At least, one of your questions must employ a replicable scale – a scale that has previously been tested in the academic literature relating to consumer behaviours and found to be reliable and valid.
  • Contains a replicable scale to help , refer to the file attached (“Replicable scales – an explanation”)
  • Ensure your questionnaire has a brief introduction to inform respondents as to the purpose of the research.
  • In addition, write a brief 900-1000 word report explaining the structure of the questionnaire and the steps you took in designing it to address the management problem.
  • Harvard reference style
  • Refer to the attached file ( “marking guide”) to know how the assignment will be marked
  • Submit your work thru turnit in


Questionnaire development, include replicable scale

Questionnaire development, include replicable scale

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