Quantitative Analysis and Forecasting Essay Dissertation Help

1. Please log in to Blackboard at (https://blackboard.pace.edu/webapps/portal/execute/tabs/tabAction?tab_tab_group_id=_2_1)
2. go to courses and click on the course, “ECO-240-21498.201720: Quantitative Anlys & Forcastng SPRING 2017 21498”

3. On the left hand side tab click on “assignments”

4. Please do “Assignment #1 due Thursday February 2 @ Midnight”

I have also attached on the additional materials: a document with the same instructions from blackboard and the syllabus for your access to MINITAB. I have highlighted in yellow on the “syllabus”
document all the instructions to access the MINITAB software.
Please make sure to read the syllabus and follow the instructions.
1. Read Chapters # 1-2

2. Review the ECHO document found in your ‘EchoCenter’ folder’ titled ‘Introduction to MINITAB’. MINITAB may be accessed in one of three ways–see SYLLABUS for instructions.

3. Do Problems 1, 11, and 12 on pp 47-52–you may use MINITAB. Submit the problems to this link as an attached WORD document and clearly indicate in BOLD type the question number with the
appropriate answer in ordered sequence as stated above. You may cut and paste relevant MINITAB output but make sure you clearly (a) label your answers and (b) answer the questions in essay format
(just don’t paste the MINITAB output and expect me to determine your answer).

4. If you wish to do the assignments from home, install the PVN to your home computer (see attachment ‘Accessing MINITAB Remotely’–if you experience problems contact DOIT at one of the Pace
Computer Centers at the helpdesk 914-773-3333). DOIT will instruct you how to install PVN so that you can access MINITAB

5. If you wish to purchase the student version of MINITAB for 6 months, download from MINITAB directly and have it installed ASAP (I believe the student version cost is approximately $30 for a 6-
month period).

6. Read my opening THREAD ‘Some Initial Comments on Chapter 2’ located on the ‘Discussion Board’ and if you have questions concerning the Chapter start a new THREAD and I’ll reply.

7. For your review, I have also included a series of ‘live’ lectures given several semesters ago to an Eco 240 class. They are included in your ‘Course Document’ folder under the heading ‘Past
ECHO360 Face-to-Face Video Lectures. Open the folder and locate Lecture 1: Descriptive Statistics’ should be dispayed.

let me know if these are in any way helpful and I am open to suggestions as to how they may be enhanced or improved for future classes. Use the Discussion Board to post comments on the quality or
content of the videos by creating a THREAD.

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