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1.Go to the ISU library databases.
2.Find a Qualitative article that is important to your current or future practice. Remember, qualitative articles use words–not numbers in their results and gives more meaning to what we do. THIS MUST BE QUALITATIVE=-=NOT QUANTITATIVE. HINT: May not be a bad idea to find one that gives meaning to your intervention for your EBP project–either on the culture, context of care or population. HINT#2: If you pick a Quantitative Article to critique, you will receive an AUTOMATIC ZERO. There is no excuse for not knowing the difference between qualitative and quantitative at this point. HINT #3: I will not provide any advice as to whether or not an article is qualitative or quantitative. Again, you should already know this.
3.Use tools to critically appraise the article. You can use your text critique guide or any CAT from a quality CAT website.
4.Write APA style paper, using the major headings of the critique from a CAT or your text as your paper subheadings. Provide for a discussion that is inclusive of all of the questions within each of the major sections.
5.Again, I’m looking for a discussion–not just “yes-no” responses.
6.Do not include the questions–just provide the answers to the question in discussion format so the paper flows.
7.No more than 3-4 pages long (the shorter the better)–not including title page and reference page. Getting your ideas in a logical order, not being too wordy and staying on point is key.
8.Submit in Word format to the discussion board.
9.Comment on others content and APA style.
10.Hang on to this paper, as you may want to use it for the critique assignment coming up.

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