Psychology Cinema

Psychology Cinema

Paper details:

• Some background and rationale
o Explain the background and issues of your research
o What are your aims and objectives?
o What are the parameters? Explain why you have chosen them?
• Clear and defined research question (s).
o Your question needs to be answerable within a set timeframe
• A description of your theoretical framework and methodological approach.
o Why is this best suited to your topic?
o What are the theoretical and research issues related to your research question?
o What sources / data will you use?
o What are the activities necessary for the completion of your project?
o Will you need to collaborate with other researchers or organisations?
o Are there ethical considerations that need to be considered?
o How realistic is your project in practical terms?
• An brief analytic discussion of the scholarly research to date on your topic.
o What is the current state of your field?
o Acknowledge the main contributors in this field
o In what ways will your research create valuable and useful knowledge?
• A brief statement on your particular qualifications.
o Have your previous degrees given you the necessary knowledge of the field, discipline,
and methodologies you require?
o What research training will you need to undertake?

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