Psychological Contract and Project Management

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You are required to produce a critical review of the following theme:
Coursework theme: “Psychological Contract and Project Management”
Your critical review must be based on a peer-reviewed academic journal article of
your choice. You are required to read extensively around the coursework theme and
identify a particular article that has inspired you to write this critical review.
The review must be word processed, and MUST NOT exceed a single page of A4,
using the Arial font, minimum of 12 point in single line spacing, and margins of a
minimum of 2 cm all around. You are also required to include the list of bibliographic
references cited in your critical review on page 2. Therefore, your submission must
not exceed 2 pages, otherwise you will get zero for this coursework. Also, do not
continue your critical review on to the second page. The second page should
only contain the list of bibliographic references cited, preferably presented using the
Harvard referencing system. The full reference for your chosen peer-reviewed
academic journal article must be included at the top of page 2, in bold, for which
your critical review is based on. Please ensure that your selected article is from the
University of Manchester Library electronic journals collection.
Subject to availability of space in the timetable, it is possible that a coursework
seminar session is organised for you to share lessons learnt from the coursework
with your peers. If this is the case, you will be expected to attend and contribute to
the Coursework Seminar (details to be advised). If a coursework seminar is
organised and you fail to attend, you will not qualify for the coursework marks.
The deadline for submitting this critical review is 2359hrs on Friday 13 November
2015 on the link found in the Home Page of the Blackboard 9 site. Please upload
MACE60006 People and Organisations Coursework Brief 2015-2016 – 2 –
interim drafts before the deadline to avoid missing the deadline as a result of
bottlenecks on the day of submission. New uploads will overwrite previous versions.

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