Jackson: Chapters 9-12, ISBN-13: 978-1305257795
Stanovich: Chapters 7-9 ISBN-13: 978-0205914128

Experimental Design
What is the difference between Between-Participant Design and Correlated Participant Design?
Post tests and Pretests
What is meant by control in experimental designs?
Internal validity—can you give some examples and identify problems with research?
External validity
Difference between Within-Participant Design and Matched Experimental Design
Reducing order effects—counterbalancing

t tests
What is a two group design? Can you give an example?
t test for Independent Groups versus t test for correlated group
Levene’s test
Graphing the means and presenting the results t(df)=___, p < .05
Effect size–Cohen’s d—How is this expressed?

One Way ANOVAs
What does “three levels of treatment” mean? Can you give an example?
Hypothesis for more than 3 levels of treatment
One Way Randomized ANOVA: What is within group variance and between group variance?
F ratio
What is error variance? How does it differ in a One Way Randomized ANOVA and a one way repeated measures ANOVA?
What increases the F ratio?
df in a one way randomized ANOVA
How do you read an ANOVA summary table?
Graphing the means
Effect size (eta-squared which is expressed as a percentage)
Assumptions of a one way randomized ANOVA
Tukey’s Post Hoc Test: When and why?
Correlated-Groups Designs: One Way Repeated Measures ANOVA
Why is there increased statistical power in a correlated-group design?
How is a one way repeated measures ANOVA different from a one way randomized ANOVA?
df for a repeated measures ANOVA
How do you read an ANOVA summary table?
Graphing the means—presenting the results F(df, df)=___, p< .05
Effect Size
Tukey’s Post Hoc Test

Two Way ANOVAs
What does it mean for an experiment to have more than one independent variable? Can you give an example?
Why not use lots of t tests instead of a two way ANOVA?
How do you read factorial notation (such as 3 X 4 X 2)?
What are main effects and interaction effects?
How do you tell the main effects from a chart?
How do you tell the interaction effects from a line graph? What does it mean when the lines are parallel?
Two Way Randomized ANOVA versus Two Way repeated measures ANOVA
Hypotheses (3)
The 3 F ratios
Can you read a Two Way ANOVA summary table?
When do you do a Post Hoc test?
Effect size (eta squared)

How is effect size different from significance level? In other words, how is it possible to have a result which is not significant yet have a large effect size?

“Scientists deliberately set up conditions that are unlike those that occur naturally.” What does that mean?
Why does Stanovich argue that scientists really don’t need a random sample? How does that relate to my experiment with crayons and rods and cones?
What is the college sophomore problem and what does Stanovich think about it?
“Scientists are not dependent on the idea of a single person, but on the combined wisdom of thousands.” (Rutherford) Explain this statement and how it is that most research is flawed.
Give an example of a behavior caused by multiple variables that interact and describe the interaction.

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