Psyc 3170 – Writing Assignment– A current controversy in clinical psychology/mental health

Psyc 3170 – Writing Assignment– A current controversy in clinical psychology/mental health

In your first paper you are asked to discuss the pros and cons of one of the following topics:
1. On-line therapy
2. Prescription privileges for psychologists
3. Involvement in interrogations (e.g., national security interrogations).

You will want to do a quick search for information that will help you understand the key pros and cons using psycinfo. Please identify 5-7 key references to support your points and reference those in your paper. You can also include information from newspaper and magazine articles and websites for professional organizations (such as the American Psychological Association).

present pros and cons in an objective way, and then take a position one way or the either at the end of your paper. How do you interpret the pros and cons and the available evidence – for these activities?

Papers can range from 5 -7 pages (double-spaced). Please use a standard font and size (e.g., Times Roman 12. Allow room for margins (1” all around).

Please follow APA format as much as you can. There are a number of “quick” guides on the web that might be useful, for example, or  In particular, include your cites and references in APA format. This paper will not be set up as a research/experimental paper as in your Research Methods class — with an introduction, method, results and discussion sections, but can be written more like an essay.

Please use the research machine: Psycinfo, which is

choose the topic among those three, and find the references from Psycinfo.

Like the directions says, please find key 5-7 references. Can also find articles from website of  professional organization. And this paper is again, a current controversy in clinical psychology/ mental health. Should understand the key pros and cons of the topic. I will upload three articles I got from the professor which will help you begin to understand these topics.

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