Provide a safe working environment

Provide a safe working environment

Please write each answer below each question. Please make sure it is relevant to Australia and keep in mind that this is for my Salon Management course. Thank you!
1. 1. If a new worker in your retail organisation had an accident, causing injury, in the first week of employment, what circumstances do you think would be investigated?
3. 2. If it was shown that the worker had not received an effective induction, who would be the responsible duty of care holder?
5. 3. What are the merits of having a health and safety representative involved in resolving a health and safety issue?
7. 4. It appears that, while many of the people working in your store are safe workers, a number of others appear to be unaware of, or are not prepared to utilise the necessary safety practices required to ensure their own safety and that of others. You have spoken to them about this, explained the need for safety improvements but, as yet, there is no discernible improvement.
8. a) To what could you attribute this apparent unwillingness to comply with safety requirements?
9. b) What could you do to rectify this?
10. c) You decide that formal training would benefit these people. How would you go about ensuring that the necessary training was organised and delivered, in example what processes would you follow and what steps would be taken to provide for this training? How would you justify the costs associated with the training and who should deliver the training?
12. 5. How can the training needs of workers be assessed and how would you determine the standards that worker performance should comply with?

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