Protection of the environment in the Asian-Pacific Region

•Discuss whether RTAs are an appropriate vehicle for the protection of the environment in the Asia Pacific region.

Marking Criteria

Quality of writing, syntax etc.
Appropriate selection of words, sentence length, tone and purpose
Grammar, punctuation, spelling
Use of paragraphs

Shows a well-devised, logical structure
Internal consistency and flow
Knowledge and exposition
Identification and understanding of the issues raised by the question
Understanding of the relevant literature, concepts and theories
Focus on and relevancy to the question
Critical analysis
Critical evaluation of the literature, concepts and theories
Arguments are clearly set out, developed and supported
Referencing and Use of sources
Quality and relevancy of sources
Effective use of sources
Appropriate citations and attribution of work
Correct use of referencing system
2. The questions have been written in such a way as to all you to narrow your focus if you wish. For example, if you wish to focus on a particular ‘sub-region’ or ‘sub-regions’ in the Asia Pacific, then you may do so.

1850 Excluding references.


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