Proposed best electoral system for Iraq

Proposed best electoral system for Iraq

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Key to the assignment is to complete it with the strict limit of 2 pages!

Answer the following:
Iraq is an ethnically and religiously diverse country. In December 2005, Iraqis elected 275 legislators to the Iraq Council of Representatives. Answer the following:
a) The electoral system used for the 2006 legislative elections in Iraq was a list PR system. Use internet resources to find out more detailed information about this particular electoral system. For example, how many districts and electoral tiers were there? How many legislators were elected in Iraq in each district? What type of part list was employed? Did the Iraqis use a quota or divisor system? What type of quota and remainder system or what type of divisor method was employed? Were there any other special features of the Iraqi electoral system?
b) Given the ethnically diverse character of Iraq, what are the advantages and disadvantages of that particular electoral system that was adopted?
c) If you were in charge of designing an electoral system for Iraq, what would it be and why?

Other electoral systems: Two-Round Systems, Majoritarian Electoral System, Proportional Electoral System, List PR Systems (used in 2006), Mixed Electoral Systems.

Your job is to take a look at Iraq and provide suggestions for implementing a new electoral system in Iraq that is designed to bring stability to the country. Write a memo that accomplishes the following:

1 Identify the social, ethnic, and religious cleavages in Iraq. Why are they problematic in terms of the Iraqi state and its people? Find and cite the text, demographics or recent news events to support your analysis.

Should be about the first 25% of your paper.

2 Identify the goal or outcome that you are seeking in light of the information above (in terms of designing an electoral system for Iraq). Which electoral system(s) would you advise under these conditions?

This should be relatively brief.
It should also be clearly stated what your proposals are.

3 This should be the heart of your paper. Justify the electoral system(s) that you chose for implementation in Iraq based on your knowledge of electoral systems, regime types, Iraq and the problems it faces, and any other salient concept that we have learned in the course thus far. Explain why your suggestion is the best solution to the problems in Iraq and how your solution will address these problems.

Ground your paper in our theories and readings (Support you argument).

This should be 60-70% of your paper.

No Narrative.
Include full clear references. ( does not count toward the page total of the assignment )

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