Project prospective

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Project overview
Business plan—Using the Small Business Administration (or similar) template, develop a comprehensive business plan for a new strategic service unit or expansion of an existing SSU.(not due now)
At this point on a 3 page prospectus is needed outlining the final project is needed.
The prospectus is intended to be a proposal describing the outline of the final project. The prospectus is to be no more than three double-spaced pages (12-point type, one-inch margins, APA format) exclusive of a title page and bibliography.

Outline of prospective business plan

HQ analytics is a outsource medical billing and software company. I am the medical director and am proposing:
Business plan is to add on a PCMH implementation module to the company’s services.
PCMH Patient centered medical home model . Description. Proven to improve patient care (list studies). financial benefits to practices up to 15% gross and 50% net increases in revenue .
Practices are overwhelmed with trying to get certified. They do not have the back end support to effectively certify and maintain compliance. Many fail to try or fail to achieve the highest level possible. HQ analytics can facilitate this transformation process. Provide back end analytics. Process monitoring, Training, building policy and protocol, EHR setup and compliance testing in case of audits.

This can lead to HQ analytics taking the more back office services for these practices such as credentially, population health, billing. ect.

Hq will use outsource personnel in india (computer engineers doctors pharmacists and health administrators to save cost. will charge estimated 15% of increase in revenue.


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