Project management

Project management

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Your task is to analyse an actual project. You can choose one of two options for your assignment task:

Option 1. Propose a new project. This could be a potential new project that you or your organization have in mind.

Option 2. Appraise an existing or past project. This could be any one of these:
appraisal of an activity you believe would be improved by managing as a project; or
appraisal of an existing work project you are currently involved with; or
appraisal of an activity you were involved with in the past that you believe could have been (better) managed as a project.
Write a report about your project. Your report should include:

A brief description of the organisational setting and the project environment to ensure the reader understands the context in which the project is set.

An outline of the objectives of the project and the importance of the project to the organisation.

A detailed overview and analysis of the use of relevant project management concepts, tools and techniques demonstrating knowledge and understanding of project management as covered in the subject. This section should comprise the main part of your assignment.

The analysis should cover the following as a minimum:
How the project should be defined
How project times and costs are estimated
A discussion of the project plan
The management of project risk
Resource scheduling
Project team issues
Project performance management
All of the concepts in the list above should be addressed, but some of them may be more important for your particular project than others. Feel free to focus your analysis more heavily on the issues that particularly impact your project.

Project management

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