Project 2 – Coding Scenarios

Project 2 – Coding Scenarios

•    Project Details

Pulling information from coding scenarios is something you will learn to do in the workplace on a daily basis. Coding for medical necessity requires background information from the patient’s record. It is highly important to select appropriate diagnoses and procedure codes for the accuracy of medical necessity determination, billing, and reimbursement.
Ten correctly coded scenarios from assigned case studies.
The Coding Scenarios Grading Rubric will be used to evaluate your assignment. Refer to the rubric for important assignment details.
Download the Grading Rubric.
•    Course Textbooks
•    Library Resources
•    Internet Sources
•    Coding Manuals
This assignment supports the following outcomes:
•    Assign complex modifier codes (SNOMED, DSM, RUG, etc.) to source documents.
•    Assign ICD-9-CM, CPT-4 and HCPCS codes to patient scenarios.

Project 2 is due this week. Review the project details under Course Home before submitting the coding scenarios.

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