This project requires that you complete the Myers-Briggs Personality Test online, and then complete steps 1 and 2 (see below). Read all of the instructions for this assignment before beginning any of your work.
Step 1:
1. Open the following website: Jung Typology Test.
2. Click on “Score it” and retrieve your four-letter type.
3. Next, go to and investigate the various buttons for descriptions of your Type and data on relationships, careers, and so forth. (Buttons 4–8)
4. Open the following website: Information About Personality Types.
5. Once there, click on links for The Four Preferences, Keirsey’s Temperaments, and Overview of the Sixteen Personality Types to locate the description of your type.
6. This personality test will reveal your four-letter type and your two-letter temperament. Discuss the validity of each of the letters of your type and temperament.
7. Include a separate section for each letter of your personality type, as well as a section for discussing how the different aspects of your personality (represented by the letters) work together.
• You must have separate sub-headings for each section.
• Give specific examples from your life—especially your work life—and discuss the weaknesses of your personality type as well. Refer to the Presentation: “Lesson 1 – A Worldview Perspective on Organizational Behavior”, found in Module/Week 1.
Step 2
1. Read the Type Talk at Work textbook, which focuses on how various personality types relate at work.
2. Using the Type Talk at Work textbook as your guide, discuss the things you have learned about yourself that will help you understand your organization and your role within. In a new section in your paper, answer the following questions:
• In general, what have you learned from these personality tests about organizational behavior that will help you be a better employee, co-worker, and/or manager?
• In particular, what have you learned about yourself from this personality test that will help you be a better employee, co-worker, and/or manager? Provide specific examples.

1. Use correct APA format for every element of the paper. Be sure to include the APA-formatted cover page, abstract, and reference page. Reference your APA manual for help.
2. Write in first person.
3. To facilitate the instructor’s grading of these assignments, you must have major headings for Step 1 and 2. Additionally, under the major heading of Step 1, you must have subheadings for each separate letter of your Meyers-Briggs type. There must also be a subheading describing your entire Meyers-Briggs personality. You will need a total of 5 subheadings for Step 1.
4. The exact number of paragraphs that you include in each section is your decision; your instructor will not be grading you on how many paragraphs you used per section, but rather the extent to which you specifically addressed each of the sections above.
5. The minimum of 4 required pages does not include the title page, abstract page, or reference page. Those must be counted as additional pages. You will likely find that it will be difficult to address all of these things in only 4 pages, but that constraint is part of the exercise itself. Learning to write succinctly and efficiently will improve your communication skills, regardless of the setting. Because you only have 4 pages to discuss all these components, be concise.
6. Be sure to double-space, use 1-inch margins, and avoid bold font (except for headlines, per current APA format), underlining, and contractions.
7. The reference page must include a minimum of the 4 following references in current APA format:
• Presentation: Lesson 1 – A Worldview Perspective on Organizational Behavior (in Module/Week 1),
• Type Talk at Work textbook,
• Jung Typology Test, and
Note: For further questions regarding current APA format, visit Liberty University’s Online Writing Center.
Submit Project 1 by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 1.

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