Professional practice and health service delivery in rural and remote contexts.

Case Study of service delivery in rural remote primary health care context.

1. Find one or two articles on remote or rural health case studies in a particular area of interest. (for example allied health professionals, community interventions, health promotion, nurses).

2. Read the material you have located: and identify the relevant factors within the Wakerman definition below: Remote Health is an emerging discipline with distinct sociological, historical and practice characteristics. It’s practice in Australia is characterised by geographical, professional and, often, social isolation of practitioners: a strong multidisciplinary approach; overlapping and changing roles of team members; a relatively high degree of GP substitutions; and practitioners requiring public health, emergency and extended clinical skills. These skills and remote health systems, need to be suited to working in a cross-cultural context, serving small,dispersed and oftne highly mobile populations; serving populations with relatively high health needs; a physical environment of climatic extremes; and a communications environment of rapid technological change (Wakerman 2004; Defining remote health: Aust. J. Rural Health (2004) 12, 210-214)

The above mentioned definition describes many of the characteristics of remote health in Australia and outlines the health practice necessary for the delivery of the service in the rural and remote context. When analysing the case study, you need to identify both the characteristics (geographical, professional) and context (working cross-culturally, small dispersed and often highly mobile populations with relatively high health needs, and physical).

3. How you can set out your case study report:

1. Introduction: Introduces the purpose of the assignment and the overall argument of the case study or studies. Include the title and full reference of your case study at the beginning of the assignment;
2. Describe the main issue (mentioned above) that will be examined and outline the actual situation that will be discussed by looking at a particular case study or case studies;
3. How does this relate or match Wakerman’s definition of remote health?
4. Explore and analyse the details of the case(s) and identify the issue(s)
5. Identify potential solutions
6. Conclusion and recommendations
7. Reflections
Please note: you will need to provide either a PDFed copy or a link to the article(s) that you use as your case study.


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