professional memo

Purpose: To write a professional memo on a given topic.
Directions: Write a memo for one of the scenarios listed below. You will need to think of the name of a company you might be working for in a few years. you are a teacher, or administrator. Try to pick a prompt that relates to your future goals. (my future goal is to be a successful teacher).
Your Purpose: The purpose of this memo is to ask permission to take professional leave for a certain reason. The reasons will vary according to the prompt that you choose.

Your Readers: The primary reader will be your direct supervisor who will be accepting or rejecting your request.

Context of Use: This memo will be delivered via inter-office mail or attached to an email. You can decide.

The Form: You must use a memo template that you created in Word with your company logo.

You need to write a memo to your supervisor stating you will be out of town two days next week and three days the following week for one of the following reasons: inspect some complaints that your company has received look at a new shop location, 250 miles away, for a branch your company is thinking about opening attend a conference or in-service training that will help you in your job make customer courtesy calls on patrons 300+ miles away from your company

In your memo, be specific about dates, places, times, and reasons.
• You need at least three paragraphs in this memo.
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