product dumping

The topic is on product dumping. Product Dumping involves dumping a BANNED product from country X, to another country Y. The question is: is it morally permissible or impermissible to dump a BANNED product onto another country’s market?

In the prompt you are given two products: Halcyon and Three Wheeled All Terrain vehicles. You can choose either product as your banned product. You can also research a brand new product or make up a fictitious product (if you make up a fictitious product you MUST explain why the product was banned in the first place). So you have 4 options. The MOST important thing is that the product be BANNED! Follow the prompts on the paper information. Make sure you provide me with page numbers from the De George book, that is YOUR first source. It has to be your main source and anyone providing me a paper with NO De George citations and instead using other authors will get a 0. I am very strict about this. ( I’m international student so please i don’t want my professor know that I’m not the writer)

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