Product Design, Development and Marketing

Product Design, Development and Marketing

Project 5 – Cheese Salad Sandwich Family
A Franchise provider wants to develop his own family of cheese salad sandwiches that are sold in his outlets. These sandwiches are made of normal sliced loafs of bread and sealed as packs as shown in Figure. They follow the principle of platform products. He would like to follow the “Code of Practice and Minimum Standards for Sandwich Bars and Those Making Sandwiches on the Premises” by the BSA (British Sandwich Association). He feels that this would be a selling point.

Product Design, Development and Marketing

Assignment 1

Seven product ideas are given in a separate file. Please read them. Each one of you is required to choose one.

You are required to do the following:
i. List down the Elements that need to be included in the Design Brief
ii. Prepare a Design Brief
iii. List down the types of requirements you would expect answers from the customer
iiii. List down requirements under each category
v. Translate the requirements into metrics using the Need-Metric matrix
vi. Identify whether it is a new product or adaptation of an existing product
vii. Establish the Function Tree identifying the purpose and action functions

You have to submit the report and make a (presentation 7 slides) to the class so that you can learn from all seven projects.

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