Product Design, Development and Marketing

Project 1 – Building Hopper

Buildings in United Arab Emirates University are spread in a vast complex and it is difficult to go from one building to the other The University operates a free bus service to go from one point to another. This however needs a driver for each bus and the users have to wait at specified bus stops for the bus to come. The users find this ineffective and often some choose to walk. Building Hopper is a project where battery operated mini-vehicles as shown in Figure P1.1 are parked at various docking stations which the users can borrow using their smart cards and use to go to their destination and leave the vehicle at the docking station near the destination. Once they finish their work they can borrow another vehicle to retun to their original location.

You are required to do the following:
i. List down the Elements that need to be included in the Design Brief
ii. Prepare a Design Brief
iii. List down the types of requirements you would expect answers from the customer
iiii. List down requirements under each category
v. Translate the requirements into metrics using the Need-Metric matrix
vi. Identify whether it is a new product or adaptation of an existing product
vii. Establish the Function Tree identifying the purpose and action functions

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