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Your first research assignment is to write an argumentative research essay. To begin, you will select a topic
based on one of the six Contemporary Arguments chapters in Good Reasons: Sustainability; Education;
Globalization; Science and Ethics; Privacy; and Regulating Substances, Regulating Bodies. Each of these
chapters contains many subtopics, offering a rich array of topics.
Keeping in mind the characteristics of effective argument presented in class and in Good Reasons, you will first
develop a research question and, later, a focused and debatable claim about the subject that you choose. Your
goal will be to demonstrate the soundness of your viewpoint to skeptical readers, and to do this you will need to
offer a well-reasoned, well-supported, and effectively organized argument. You will also need to address and
refute counterarguments.
While there is not a particular organizational scheme that you must follow, you are encouraged to use one of the
structures presented in class or one of the structures presented in Good Reasons. Regardless of the structure you
use, your essay must be carefully organized and clearly presented with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a
• Your essay must be formatted according to MLA page guidelines (see Chapter 20) and will include intext
citations and a Works Cited page.
• You must cite a minimum of six sources of at least three different types (review notes from class), and at
least one of these sources must come from Good Reasons. Also, you will need to demonstrate your
ability to draw upon these sources in ways that effectively advance your argument.
• Your essay must demonstrate that you are able to quote, summarize, and paraphrase sources
appropriately and skillfully.
• Your essay will be 6 double-spaced pages minimum and submitted to for grading. (The
Works Cited page does not count toward the page requirement.)
• You must not reuse an essay from another class.
Your essay will earn a failing grade (D or F) if it:
• is less than 6 pages long (not including the Works Cited page).
• does not include a Works Cited page.
• has fewer than six sources, and does not include a source from Good Reasons.
• is plagiarized, whether intentional or not.
Before submitting your final draft to, please use the following checklist:
Checklist for Final Essay Draft:
! Did you include a Works Cited page with the corrections I marked on your Annotated Bibliography?
! Did you remember to title your Works Cited page appropriately?
! Did you delete the annotations from your sources before adding them to the final draft of your essay?
! Do the sources listed in your Works Cited match the sources cited in your essay, and vice versa?
! Do you have at least 6 pages, double spaced, using a 12-point font and 1-inch margins?
! Did you remember to introduce, cite, and explain (ICE) each of your quotations? Do all quotations
include an introductory (or signal) phrase?
! Did PS This is for the writer 265709 the annotated bibliography goes with this. my Thesis is the greatest change of the past decade has been of social networking. today people can reconnect with long lost friends share photos videos, even carry out their day to day relationship online the advantages of social networking come with a price of privacy. my focus question is what should be done about the privacy issues on social network sites such as face book and twitter. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PROOF READ THE PAPER MY LAST PAPER YOU DIDNT WRITE BUT IT HAD ALOT OF GRAMMER MISTAKES PLEASE PROOF READ . IF YOU AHVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE. I NEED AN A ON THIS PAPAER IS COSTING ALOT OF MONEY PLEASE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERN SENF ME A MESSAGE.

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