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produce a paper that talks about the 2 new laws introduced recently into the australian sentate. I need you to make the paper look like it is an academic paper (just like the ones in scientist magazine). Basically you need to talk about two surveys that i would have done but i have run out of time ao you qill need to make them up and include them in the paper, if you could make these graphs crosss reference with the fake survey responses that would be great. Because this entire paper is based on me doing 2 surveys *the data can be fake* and then you discussing the results of the surveys. You will also need to research heavily into the Metadata laws recently passed in Australia and also the antipiracy laws recently passed in australia and provide a critical analysis of them and also try to integrate your analysis in with the surveys. So 1. You will need to make surveys up, preferably 15 questions in each and have 10 questions in them. For example Question 1 in the survwy might say “As an Australian, how do these laws make you feel?” and you have fake responses like “bad,average , very good, great” . So you will need to make up the survey data first then “discuss the syrvey data in detail, and then move on to talk about the laws and how they have impacted Australians everyday life. Because this is a research paper it needs to look like one so it should have the surveys included in it and other diagrams showing how it impacts on privacy. Simply put im trying to measure how australians feel about having all their data stored for 2 years and also about how the Aus Gov is allowing companies to intrude into every aussies life. should be RESEARCH TO BE EXACT and perfect.

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