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There are many contemporary issues in corrections that are topics of ongoing debates in fields of penology, criminology, and corrections administration. Some of the cases regarding these issues have made it to the Supreme Court, whereas others have not. In this assignment, the members of your group will research the following issues in corrections today and provide information on the viewpoints from the different sides of the debate. The issues are as follows:
• Organ transplants
• Four-point restraints
• Sweat lodges
• Three-way calls
• Legal materials in the library
Individual Portion:
• Using the Small Group Discussion Area, decide which of the issues above will be assigned to each group member.
• For your assigned contemporary corrections issue, answer the following questions:
o What court cases involved this issue?
o What were the decisions of the lower courts?
o Did any of the cases make it to the Supreme Court?
 If so, what was the Supreme Court decision?
 If not, is the case still active? Explain.
o What is the general opinion that society seems to have with regard to this issue?
o Have any organizations opposed to the court decisions made progress with regard to prisoners’ rights?
o How do you foresee the outcome of the debate regarding the issue?

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